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    Residents’ Privilege - 「Prosperous HAPPIG」 Limited Edition Red Packet & Pouch Set


    To welcome the arrival of the Year of Pig, we are pleased to give away the “Prosperous HAPPIG” Limited Edition red packets and pouch set, which are collectively designed by Harbour City and the creative studio "Communion W", to our precious Residents.

    The design concept of the die-cut red packets series (total of 10 styles) comes in two sizes, is based on 5 different good-luck theme such as cherry blossom, auspicious mandarins and koki fish, while bold color play add a contemporary feel to the traditional patterns. All the red packets are embossed and gold printed for an embroidered texture, with a special embossed opening mimicking the clasp of a coin purse. The limited edition pouch inspired by the trendy knot bag design and takes on two of the pattern designs of the red packets. Both styles of the pouch are embroidered with gold threads, making them a stylish accessory for the New Year and any happy occasions.

    The Residents are happy to receive the special red packet set and we will continue to provide exclusive privileges to our precious Residents from time to time to ensure their enjoyable stay with the Gateway Apartments.