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    Residents’ Privilege - Harbour City Limited Edition "Toy Story" Umbrella


    As a token of appreciation for Residents’ continuous support to the Gateway Apartments, we are glad to give away Harbour City Limited Edition "Toy Story" Umbrella to our privileged Residents.

    Harbour City has invited Hong Kong creative artists, Jan Lamb and Eric Kot to design two limited edition umbrellas featuring “Toy Story” that celebrates the joy of friendship – perfect for brightening up your rainy days! Jan’s version features Buzz Lightyear’s iconic colours of green and purple and are accompanied with the Toy Story franchise’s loveable Aliens and their famous line “Oooh.” Eric’s version features Woody’s blue and yellow hues and his own icon, Forky and the words “Toys Forever.”

    The Residents were happy to receive the special gift. We will continue to provide exclusive privileges to our precious Residents from time to time to ensure they have an enjoyable stay with the Gateway Apartments.