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    Residents’ Privilege - Limited Edition Christmas Every Day Thermal Bottle with Puzzle Coaster


    As a token of appreciation for Residents’ continuous support to the Gateway Apartments, we are glad to give away “Limited Edition Christmas Every Day Thermal Bottle with Puzzle Coaster” to our privileged Residents.

    Limited-edition Thermal Bottle and Puzzle Coaster set designed by Harbour City and Dutch artist Eva Cremers in joint hands. The thermal bottle is as bright and vibrant as the decorations. The “Monster Members” have shown up on the packaging, the bottle itself and the puzzle coaster. Lightweight as it is, the thermal bottle has great capacity, and is very good for travelling around with. The coaster comes in a format of puzzle, giving you some fun to play with, and the practicality to use! We hope this meaningful gift sparks joy and happiness, and fills you and your loved ones with the warmth of Christmas Every Day!

    The Residents were happy to receive the special gift. We will continue to provide exclusive privileges to our precious Residents from time to time to ensure they have an enjoyable stay with the Gateway Apartments.