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    Residents’ Privilege - 「Puppy New Year」 Limited Edition Red Packet & Clutch Bag Set


    To welcome the arrival of the Year of Dog, we are pleased to give away the “Puppy New Year” Limited Edition red packets and clutch bag set, which are collectively designed by Harbour City and the creative studio "Communion W", to our precious Residents.

    The red packets design concept is based on 6 different doggy breeds with 6 different lucky blessings; including the wrinkly and short-muzzled Pug; the short-legged but long-bodied Dachshund; the loyal and protective Schnauzer; the most brave Shiba Inu; the scent hound Beagle and also the elegant Poodle. Each creative die-cut and packet extensions design presents different Chinese blessings like “Forever And Ever”(長長久久) and “Good Fortune and Great Profit”(大吉大利).

     The set features 3 large & 3 small bright and colorful red packets embellished with playful and unique die-cut design that highlight the lively traits of dogs and brings a twist to traditional red packets!

    This year, the limited imitation leather clutch set maintains the chic and modern signature, and made use of geometric and color combinations that introduces the doggy facial features. Every clutch set will be accompanied with simple red and gold accessories that work well with any festive occasions.

    The Residents are happy to receive the special red packet set and we will continue to provide exclusive privileges to our precious Residents from time to time to ensure their enjoyable stay with the Gateway Apartments.