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    Residents’ Privilege - Limited Edition “Bountiful New Year” Red Packets & Mini Pleated Bag


    To celebrate Chinese New Year, we are pleased to give away the “Bountiful New Year” Limited Edition red packets and Handbag to our precious Residents.

    Symbolizing longevity, energy and prosperity, each set of red packets contain 5 styles – 2 large ones and 3 small ones – of “Koi Fish”. They encapsulate festive elements including money, fireworks, pinwheels and Chinese knots.

    The red packets are brilliantly embossed with line patterns for folding into 3D Koi Fish as ornaments to wish receivers a vibrant new year and good luck.

    The Residents are happy to receive the special red packet set and we will continue to provide exclusive privileges to our precious Residents from time to time to ensure their enjoyable stay with the Gateway Apartments.