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    Gateway Apartments ‘Caring for the Elderly 2023’


    As Christmas approaches, volunteers from Gateway Apartments spread love and care to senior citizens during their visit to The Salvation Army Wah Fu Centre for Senior Citizens.

    The dedicated volunteers from Gateway Apartments organized a variety of engaging activities for the elderly, including crafting hand cream and participating in fun and interactive games. Their efforts created a joyful and lively atmosphere, fostering a sense of togetherness.

    As the event neared its end, the volunteers personally distributed the goodie bags to each and every senior, ensuring that all 100 bags were received with warmth and appreciation. A group photo was captured, serving as a treasured keepsake of the heartfelt gathering.

    Both the volunteers and the seniors derived immense joy from the event, and their enthusiasm for future gatherings is palpable. They eagerly await the arrival of next year's event, where they can once again share in the spirit of love and care.